We work with production of web in all forms!

On this site you will find our recent productions and activity, as well as contact information.

This is how we turn your idea into a reality !

You have an idea that you want to realize on the web, but you lack the knowledge of how to do it or look for a partner who can do it.

We got the required skills and experience in all areas to make your idea into a reality. You can count on feedback, suggestions, references, price- and time-estimations.

Together we make your idea into a reality and take into account price and time to find a solution which fits you best!

We take social- and environmental responsibility !

Environmental responsibility
Since we perform our work as close to home as possible and only travel with environmental-friendly transportation we don't create any stress on the environment due to transports. Our servers and all our equipment is powered by electricity produced with environmental-friendly methods.

Social responsibility
Since we perform our work as close to our homes as possible our personnel is near and somewhat available to their relatives and family. This hopefully makes our personnel to support their social environment. Vi allow flexible working-hours but with demands on that the right amount of hours is done within time-limits.

Our services

Web-hostingE-mail systemsHosting-panelsDevelopmentMaintenanceMonitoringDesign

We offer shared-hosting and virtual private servers (VPS) for a resonable price, but we can also help you find the right supplier of hosting-services and help you install and configure your servers. If you have problems related to DNS or domain-management we will gladly help you with that as well. Vi have experience of Linux-servers like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOs or similar.

E-mail systems
We have much experience and knowledge of installation of e-mail systems to meet your depend of outgoing and incoming e-mail. We can setup IMAP with TLS/SSL and SMTP with TLS/SSL, DKIM, DomainKeys, spam-protection, account-management, webmail and related. We have experience in debugging your existing e-mail system, we work with Postfix, Exim, Courier and Dovecot.

We have experience and knowledge of building hosting-panels for management of dynamic number of domains integrated with database-servers (MySQL, PostGreSQL), e-mail systems (Exim4, Courier), FTP-servers, VCS and others. We can also debug your existing hosting-panel (in Perl or PHP) and fix problems.

We have munch knowledge of developing in PHP-environments. This includes functional-php, object-oriented-php, MVC-frameworks, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, phpNuke, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Yii-framework, Aomebo-framework. We can use unit-tests and integration-tests with PHPUnit, and debug-tools like Xdebug and stress-tests. For version-control-management we often using GIT or Subversion but also others. For frontend we use HTML5 or XHTML 1.0 Strict, with CSS2 and CSS3, native Javascript and Jquery, semantic and SEO-friendly markup.

If you have an existing web-application and need service, we can offer this to a resonable price. For a fixed price we fix problems and create new functionality. Because we work fast and try to do longterm solutions you can count on your system becoming more stable.

We offer a on-call service with monitoring of your web-application. We can monitor log-files, web pages, different server-processes and when we find the first sign of error we will report this to you. For a fixed price we will monitor your web application and fix any errors (up to a fix amount of hours of work a month) within 24 hours. If there is any big problems with your web application we will ask you what to do.

We offer design and layout suggestions for your website.

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